Out Of STH, Wroclaw, Poland

Big mural painted in Wroclaw, Poland, for “Out Of Sth” festival. Big thanks to Zbiok, Asia, Tomak, all the Wroclaw team, and Kuba the cherry picker man!

This is what “Breakin’ The Wall” means:

““Breakin’ the Wall” is a voice of the generation of sensitive, tolerant people who are not afraid of change. To paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, “you must be the change you wish to see”. We show, we bare our contemporary walls, not necessarily those made of bricks and concrete, because the ones in our heads are much worse. The efficiency of our efforts to pull them down will be proof of how cosmopolitan Wrocław is. Or – to go a step further – a true test of our European identity.”
It was in april 2010, you can see more pictures and a video on my website:

A video with the other walls of Dem, Ericailcane, and Vova Vorotniov made by Zbiok:

  Dem/Ericailcane/Jiem/Vova Vorotniov / Breaking the Wall/ Outofsth.org from Zbiok on Vimeo.

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