Le temps des bonhommes de neige

Photographies de bonhommes de neige, Montréal et Québec, 2010. Auteurs anonymes. La série est en cours, j'en ferai sûrement une petite édition à la fin de la saison...

Snowmen pictures in Montréal and Québec, 2010. Anonymous authors. Work in progress, I will certainly do a small publication at the end of the season...
Canon AE1-Fujicolor Pro 160S.


Série d'affiches pour la saison d'un café-théâtre de Montréal, 2011
Serie of posters for the season of a theatre in Montreal, 2011

Freight trains modeling fans

Portraits of passionate people in rail modeling meeting, in Montréal. October 2010.
Canon AE1-Fujicolor Pro 160S.


Last wall of 2010, quiet classic and...cold.

Some walls from 2008 to 2010 on my website:

Stops Rust!

I collect old spray paints in France, but paint cans to. Here are the last ones I've found in Montréal...more to come.

J.J. of LA, Sign Painter in Atlanta

You, sign paintings' fans, must see this great documentary:

God Bless America

Some U.S. trip pictures, november 2010.
Canon AE1-Fujicolor Pro 160S.

Where it all began...B'More.

Baltimore Doggy Style.

Balltimore shotguns.

New York doggy style.

Charming Brooklyn.

New York City handtyles.

Great souvenirs from NYC.

Unauthorized skatepark, under the 8-lane road in Philly.

Philly's hobos use the right tools.


I will be part of the GO BY RAIL exhibition tour in USA, in April-June 2011...realy glad to be in it. Long live the railroad!


The railroad industry in America has played an immense role in the development and progression of our modern society. Besides its most obvious role as a life line for supplies and sustenance to newly burgeoning towns and industry, it helped spawn an incredible subculture of people, the hobos and tramps of America. These hobos used the trains during the great depression in order to seek work, and a whole society of people grew around the railroads.

We have long been associated with the railways and have produced multiple short films and television programming around the subject of train hopping and have made it our mission to preserve the history of the American train tramp.
We are due to kick off our new GO BY RAIL tour April 01st 2011 in Denver, Co. We have brought together dozens of filmmakers, musicians and artists who produce media around train hopping, hobo culture and railroading to create the ultimate visual dichotomy of this colorful and truly important facet of American history. This will be a national tour stopping in historically significant major rail hub cities across America.

The tour starts in Denver and has over 18 stops along the route, including Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Black Butte, Portland, Seattle, Missoula, Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York City, Philadelphia, Richmond, Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans, Dallas, and Kansas City".

Here is the facebook group:


"Found on the web"

I sometimes find photos of my graffiti on the web, things that I did not photograph or that I've not seen for years...I created a Tumblr some days ago to collect some of them in a blog:


This is not "Street Art". "Street Art" does not mean nothing, "Street Art" does not exist.