Lodi graffiti scene

Great spots, cool scene with very nice people and happy styles, this is Lodi...

Lodi station:

Some great toys pieces in Lodi:

Painting in a beautiful spot with some friends at the end of a sunny day...

...and a very cool graphic meeting with Alfano:

To be continued...:)

Creature Fest in Lodi, Italy

The Creature Fest took place in Lodi, Italy, from 10th to 13th July 2009...4 days of live music and painting. I was invited by Bang to paint big walls with other artists from Italy and from Poland, Germany, and Spain.
A very relaxing week during the hot Italian summer, very good time with Lodi people, crazy meetings and parties! Thanks so much and big up to Bang, Titta, Lorenzo, Marcy, Alfano, Gigi, Aitso, (crazy) Gola, Tika, Fefe, Dem, Zbiok, Coxie, Sarah, Marco, Pablo, Elisa, Paco, "Jesus", Pona, Ruts, Tellas, Daddy Ceek...

Some pictures in action:

Dancing kings...ah ah ah!! Big up friends! :)